Looking for a Long Island Home Organizer? Check out some frequently asked questions!

How can a professional organizer help me?

Long Island Home Organizer

Gold Coast Organizing offers hands-on assistance to help people clear clutter, make better use of space, and create new systems for efficiency. In addition, we act as your cheerleader and coach, helping you set goals and move forward between organizing sessions. As a result of working with a professional organizer, you’ll likely find that you have less stress and more time to do what you love! Additionally, many clients find that they actually save money in the long run, because they can actually find what they own (therefore reducing the need to buy duplicate items) and learn better paper management skills (allowing them to pay their bills on time and eliminate late fees).

What is the process for working with a professional organizer?

Please click here to view our process.

How much will it cost?

We charge by the session and accept payment by cash, Visa and MasterCard. During our initial phone consultation, we will discuss your budget and create a plan that works for you. We often assign homework that our clients can do in between session, on their own, to save money on the project.

How do you handle my discarded items?

We can recommend a variety of trash disposal and donation options near your home.

Where will we place the items I wish to keep?

Our process begins with sorting and decluttering, so you can see what you truly have and what you no longer need. You will be left with only things that you find beautiful, useful, or loved. As we move on to the “storage” phase of the project, we will help you find the perfect place to put each and every treasured item.

I am embarrassed about my clutter mess. Should I clean up my house before you arrive? Will you judge me?

Gold Coast Organizing prefers to see your home in its “natural state” so we can better understand your challenges. We will never judge you. It’s not in our nature! We appreciate that we all have unique living situations. The most important thing is that YOU are comfortable and know that you can trust us completely.

Do you keep all client information confidential?

Yes! Gold Coast Organizing abides by the National Association of Professional Organizers’ Code of Ethics, which states in part, “I will keep client information confidential and not use it to benefit my firm or myself or reveal this information to others.” Rest assured that anything you tell us, anything we see, and any documents that we come in contact with are handled discretely and with full confidentiality.

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